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Yes Ladies and Gentlemen,
Well the year is drawing to an end for the Mitsubishi Electric Off Road Racing Team and what a great way to finish.

Laurence was third outright in the Australian Off Road Championship Round at Goondiwindi in Beautiful Queenslander. The car was completely on song and Laurence drove the Wheels off it. Laurence is now taking the Car back to the workshop to fit a bigger engine to the car as well as some modifications to the Transmission.

Well done on a great result, we are all very much looking forward to next year.

As you read last time I had the privilege of Navigating with Laurence at the Warialda 200. Well let me tell you folks it was a fabulous weekend for us, we ended up second in class 1 ( in front of Terry Rose hee hee) and apart from a blown fuse on the fuel pump holding us up for a couple of Minutes the car rang Faultlessly all weekend. We had intercoms in the car so we could talk to each other, I had thought I might be able to give Laurence some driving tips while we where traveling along, but I have to say now that even I was speechless, Laurence driving the car was totally awesome, he is so committed to winning and getting everything out of the car, I take my hat off to him, it was a truly inspirational Drive. ( translation - He's a lunatic, we where coming down this road section at 100 miles an hour plus and we come this corner, and hey might slow down here Laurie, oh no lets us see how fast this thing can go sideways??? )

Karen Johns had a ball

Hi Everyone,
Well last Saturday was the day when the team from Mitsubishi took up the offer to have a ride in the buggy with Laurence Svenson. Both Leigh Young and Colin Johns came along. The day was postponed because of wet weather so we were not sure if it was going ahead.

But in true Queensland style the sun was shining and it was time to get it on. The venue was the Ipswich Moreton sprint track, they made a special track for us with a few jumps and rough bits. We set the tent up and the car was tuned and ready to go, now where is Youngie? Then appears a silver MX5 with the top down, yes here is the man himself in all his splendor.

After a quick meeting and a few promo shots it was time to get down to the business. Leigh was first cab off the rank, we fitted him out with a race suit and helmet and strapped him in.

Laurence had not seen the track before he drove on it but in true style he warmed up very quickly and Leigh enjoyed a very quick run in the car. being his first experience in an off road buggy, he was most impressed with the handling and acceleration. "It was like nothing else I have been in" when asked by Laurence if he would like another go. Leigh was more than happy to oblige.

Mario ????

Next it was Colin's turn, well by this time Laurence was truly warmed up, the car was floating by now and Laurence was giving Col the full works. The look said it all, Col was on cloud nine, "That was awesome,  I can not believe how smooth it was," he said.

This is serious Stuff

After that Karen ( Cols wife) his children, My accountant Chris Fenton and one of my workers Chris Skerritt went for a spin and had a great time.

Someone special for Laurence was one of my friends and customers Denis Brown. Now Denis is a former Queensland Rally Champion and member of the Holden Precision Driving Team, and  when the opportunity was put to him, Denis took up the offer and went for a few laps. 

Laurence and Denis go back a long way and it was a thrill for him as well. When Denis got out of the car he was a changed man, he loved how well the car handled and the way it always had power on the ground. I am sure that he will be lining up next time, as well as his daughter ZoŽ who also had a ride.

Denis Brown & ZoŽ

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