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We are located at:
Unit 4/142
Tennyson Memorial Ave,
"Powerhouse Precinct" Tennyson,
Brisbane, QLD 4105
Phone: 07 3892 4682
Bayside: 07 33482933
Fax: 07 3892 4652
We now stock Norca Foam, a great coil cleaner for your air conditioner that kills germs and bacteria,  prevents allergies and cleans any substance that causes blockage in your air conditioner.

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NORCA Foam : Air-conditioner Cleaner
  • Kills germs, mould spores and bacteria
  • Allergy safe
  • Cleans any substance and residue that
        accumulates in the air conditioner
  • Saves energy
  • Eliminates odours
  • Environmental friendly

    NORCA Foam
    thoroughly cleans the air conditioner's coils. It removes mould spores, bacteria and odours that have been accumulated in the coils.

    It prevents blockage by dirt and other substances which cause higher electricity consumption. Therefore using NORCA Foam will efficiently clean the air conditioner, giving fresh air and saving energy.

    NORCA Foam deodorises odour, removes oil stains, cigarette stains, mould spores, bacteria, dirt and grime. It improves air circulation and brings coolness into the room.

    NORCA foam does not affect any components such as copper, aluminum, plastic and rubber of the air conditioner. It is convenient, efficient and easy to use.

    NORCA foam
    is designed to do-it-yourself and saves energy and maintenance costs.

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